Welcome To NoWhereLand

Telnet: dune.net 1234

NoWhereLand is a true time ncohafmuta based talker. Its theme is loosely based on The Beatles, their music and history. But being a Beatles fan is not required. We like to rap or chat about all sorts of things here. Using the talker is simple. Just click on the NoWhereLand link at the bottom of this page. You will be asked for your name. Pick an alias or handle that you like and hit enter. It will then ask you for your password. Create yours here and hit enter again. You will get a screen advising you that you should be 18 or older to continue and to re-enter your password. Doing so means you agree with the terms and you will enter NoWhereLand. Once in, follow the simple instructions you see to be automatically promoted to a full user with full user commands. If you type .help you will see a list of available commands for you to use. By typing .help *command name* you will get instructions how that command works. We have a great staff to help you also. By typing .wlist you will get a list of talker wizards that are willing, ready and happy to assist you. So on behalf of all of us on NoWhereLand, we invite you to join us and we will try to make it so you will want to come back again!

***Thank You For Visiting***